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A complete device

Maker-skills: Not needed


9 in stock

9 in stock


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If you do not have any maker skills, but definitely want a beatmaker’s sketchbook, this is the right service for you. This package contains a „Just solder“ kit and a personal build service. We solder the kit for you, print all needed parts, mount it into a black stained handmade wooden enclosure made from european beech, test it and send it to you. If you prefer the natural look without the black wood stain, send us a message.

We are building your beatmaker’s sketchbook „Just solder“ kit on demand and just for you. It will ship about 4-6 weeks after your order.

The first batch is a limited edition of 11 devices only!

This package includes the option to have a one hour video call with the maker. To ask questions, get support or just have a chat and drink a virtual coffee. As an alternative you can pick your limited edition beatmaker’s sketchbook up at our workshop and have a coffee with the maker.

You need to know that there is no warranty on the device, as you are just buying a kit and somebody to solder it for you. By ordering this package, you officially agree that there is no warranty and no EMC certificate on the device you are receiving. Legally it is handled as a prototyping/development kit. But be sure, it will be properly built and tested for functionality. If there are any problems with the hardware, just contact us and we will find a solution.

For recharging and uploading new firmware versions you will need a Standard USB Cable with 5 Pin Micro-B Connector and a PC or Mac with the Teensy loader application (

Why is there no cable in the package? More people own at least one micro USB cable. Why burden our eco-system with another useless cable? If you do not own a cable, just drop a message and there will be one in the package.

The product will slightly be different from the pictures. The keys will be nice, clean and straight aligned and the headphone jack will be on the back.


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