DIY mainboard

Out of stock

DIY mainboard

This is a pre-order. Shipment is planned for end of July 2023.

Pay attention: the picture above shows just a prototype as example.

If there will not be enough pre-orders to make production affordable, you will get your money back!


Out of stock

Out of stock


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DIY mainboard

This assembled PCB is the perfect start for your own Sampler, Synthesizer, MIDI controller, etc.. build whatever you can imagine and use the SUCOFUNKEY Open-Source firmware as basis for your project. A boilerplate project will be on Github when the boards ship.

Pay attention: the picture above shows just a prototype as example. The dimensions will still be 18 x 8 cm, but the components, etc. will be different.

It contains:

  • Headphone out, Line In, Line Out
  • MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. MIDI Jacks are 3.5mm TRS Type A and an option to solder standard MIDI jacks
  • 5 MCP23017 Port expander
  • SGTL5000 audio codec chip
  • MIDI circuitry
  • SD-Card socket
  • 100 breadboard compatible sockets to connect a display via SPI and all the IO ports from the MCP23017, preconfigured for Beatmaker’s sketchbook.

You need at least the following (not included) to start a project:

  • Teensy 4.1 microcontroller
  • Maker skills

Optional (not included):

  • Adafruit Power boost 500 and battery
  • PSRAM extension for Teensy

Detailed circuitry will be published when production starts.


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