Beatmaker`s sketchbook mini – Batch 1

Out of stock

Beatmaker`s sketchbook mini – Batch 1

Price for the first batch of devices: 555 €

This is a pre-order. Shipment is planned for end of July 2023.


Out of stock

Out of stock


All prices include 19% VAT (Germany)

Beatmaker’s sketchbook mini

Mini in Size, but not in features.


  • Runs SUCOFUNKEY Open Source firmware
  • Powered by a Teensy 4.1 microcontroller with 16MB Sample RAM
  • Measurements: 18 x 11.3cm and 1.7cm thin (4cm with Faders)
  • Headphone out, Line In, Line Out
  • MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. MIDI Jacks are 3.5mm TRS Type A
  • Built in microphone
  • 2 inch IPS LCD display (320×200 pixels)
  • 36 Buttons, 33 LEDs and 4 rotary encoders
  • 10cm fader (potentiometer)
  • The battery is rechargeable and lasts for several hours
  • Fader- and Encoder caps included
  • Two PCB sandwich construction with aluminum base plate

Note: The color or the top PCB may be different from the pictures. There will be a survey with all pre-orders which color you prefer (green or black).

For recharging and uploading new firmware versions you will need a Standard USB Cable with 5 Pin Micro-B Connector and a PC or Mac with the Teensy loader application.

If you prefer oldschool DIN MIDI jacks, it is possible to solder them yourself to the PCB, but you have to find your own spacers between base plate and PCBs. Makers welcome. If you want the right Jacks with your order, leave a message at checkout and there will be two additional MIDI jacks in the package.


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